This is a completely self-organising, do-it-ourselves event, so it needs lots of volunteers to make it a success.

Everyone is welcome to get involved with organising the event and making it run smoothly on the day.  There are plenty of things that need to happen, and they can all be quite fun with a few people working together.

There will be a schedule of volunteer tasks posted on site next to the program.  Please choose a task that you would like to do, and write your name next to it.

If you see anything else that needs doing, or anyone who needs help, jump right in!

Helpers are needed from 9am to prepare the site.

Volunteer facilitators for each activity session can help the session run smoothly.

The facilitator’s role is to

  • help the presenter prepare their materials
  • announce the start of the session
  • ensure that it starts on time
  • introduce the presenter
  • keep the session on track
  • facilitate questions/discussion from participants
  • thank the presenter at the end
  • help pack up

Other volunteer opportunities

Week before

  • Make signs
  • Gather cabbage and cauliflower leaves (compostable dinner plates)

Set up: 9am

  • place signs
  • bring out chairs and tables
  • start fire in cob oven
  • get bin from garden for food scraps
  • label bins: recycle, compostables, garbage
  • set up swap space: blankets and signs
  • erect shade gazebo
  • safety check

all day tasks

  • first aid
  • photographer x 2
  • journalists – write an article about the event
  • info person (2 shifts)

12:30 set up lunch serving tables

1:15 prepare washing up space

3pm (buildings close shortly after 3pm)

  • clean kitchen
  • pack away tables and chairs


  • take clothes and toys for op shop
  • take down signs
  • tidy park, pick up litter

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