Anything you can bring will contribute to the success of the event.  It’s not essential to bring anything, but you might like to bring:

  • Food to share for lunch, and picnic supplies – plates, cutlery, picnic rug, cups and drinks.   If you choose not to join in the shared lunch, there is a sausage sizzle and a few food stalls at the market.  Food Not Bombs will be serving free vegetarian food, and there will be baked potatoes from the cob oven.
  • Clothes, toys, and other useful things that you don’t need anymore but someone else might, to give away at the swap.
  • Homegrown produce to share at the fruit & veg swap (10:30).
  • Seeds to exchange at the seed swap (12:30).
  • Your favourite recipes to contribute to the recipe exchange (2:30).
  • Pen and notebook.
  • Games to play – could be volleyball, basketball, hacky, card or board games, facepaint, bubble blowers, chalk to draw on the pavement, poi, juggling things, hula hoops, equipment for group games . . .
  • Craft supplies to join in the craft circle: yarn, knitting needles, crochet hook, sewing kit…
  • Decorations and alterations for newly acquired clothes from the swap: needle and thread, buttons, patches, fabric paint
  • Flyers to promote any community group or activity you are involved in, or upcoming events.
  • Anything you will need to host your own skillshare activity.

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